Sports Nutrition: The Race Menu

The shopping list that lets you reach your goals!

Are you wondering what to buy? Got lost among the shelves and gondola heads that offer anything and everything? Do you no longer know what to choose in your shopping cart when you are shopping in supermarkets? I offer you this article to see more clearly and to give you my vision of a champion-worthy can. Ready to take on the challenge?

Food for all athletes, even amateurs, plays an essential role. Gain energy during the day, Gain strength Based on concentration during training, better recovery on rest days.

During your visit to the different departments, I will introduce you to a Shopping list It will allow you to awaken within you hero energy !

I moisturize a lot during the day as well as during my workouts. I mainly drink water. Dehydration can have an impact on physical performance, muscle recovery, and digestion. I also permeate my day with consumption Green tea. I advise you not to drink sugary drinks in return Carbonated water It provides an excellent sodium replenishment, especially after intense workouts.

  • Meat, fish and eggs section:

I advise you to alternate your protein sources. Minced beef slice Once or twice a week max Chicken or turkey breast for white meat, Organic eggs or free-range eggs regularly. Typical fresh fish Salmon, cod, prawns, hake, tuna, sardines, mackerel, herring and oysters… feel free to disagree. Personally, I often eat fish Evening.

to VegetariansYou can incorporate it into your diet Sliced ​​soy meat, tofu, or chickpeas instead of meat or fish. Tempeh, seitan, soy protein or Peas, quinoa and black beans They are effective alternatives to replace proteins of animal origin.

  • Fruits and vegetables section:

Visiting the fruit section, I often pick Lemon Which I have in juice every morning. I also choose Apple, banana, kiwi, goji berry, blueberry And other seasonal fruits for my snacks or during breakfast.

optional terms vegetables diverse according to seasons. I try all the same to take systematically, prof Broccolifollower tomatoesfollower Baby spinachfollower mushroomsfollower zucchinifollower Pepperfollower carrotfollower green beansfollower Peasa Eggplant, sweet potato or red potato…

Its low energy value contributes to covering intake Vitamins, minerals and calcium And protein. Athletes have an important need due to physical exercise and increased basal metabolism. Fresh fruits and vegetables Associated with a rich, balanced diet that meets the specific nutritional needs of athletes. The effect on an athlete’s performance is directly related to a diet based on quality fruits and vegetables.

  • Fat section:

I choose to cook most of the time Coconut Oil maiden. I also add at the end of my preparations a tablespoon of veg on top of my vegetablesrapeseed, olive and nut oils, to Roasted flax or sesame . I choose the latter and preferably organic. I also consume it regularly lawyers On average 2-3 per week. If I want to have fun I cook coconut milk To my dishes in the sauce. Finally I complete my contribution by Omega 3 With fish oil capsules with each meal. I also consume lawyers regularly during the week.

The place of carbohydrates plays an essential role in our diet. And it is preferable to advise you to choose complex carbohydrates which take longer to be absorbed by the body. Go ahead rice and pasta completethe quinoathe bulgurthe Quinoa pasta

I advise you to choose oilseeds such as Beans (red/black/white)follower Coral lentils and lentilsAnd Peas and chickpeas And Bean. They are rich in fiber and plant proteins. They are excellent substitutes for rice and pasta that you consume in very large amounts.

to your snacks I advise you to go to almondsthe Brazil nutsAnd figAnd cashew nutsAnd 75% dark chocolateAnd raisins.

Of course, the amount of carbohydrates every meal should vary between 50g to 100g of carbohydrates. These amounts should be tailored to your physical activity and sporting goals.

As a general rule, I buy very little canned food. I often choose boxes from tunal natural mackerelor Sardines. The practicality of canned foods is still valuable for saving time when preparing meals.

Now you know more about the foods I choose each week. I hope this helpful little guide helps you make healthy choices when shopping the big box.

Hero pack for high-level performance!

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