Sports training: is it a solution to maintain your health?

Nowadays, the benefits of regular practice of physical activity are well-established and are being lauded more and more. However, exercising without supervision can work against you. This is why athletic training seems like a short-term or long-term solution to consider. By calling a sports coach, you have a personal training program with exercises adapted to your physical condition and goals.

Sports: the danger of fashion influence …

Sports have become popular in recent years with enthusiasm particularly strong for fitness challenges or home gymnastics. Athletic trainers or people who have re-sculpted their bodies through sports and a balanced dietThey are now becoming real influencers.

…not to be taken lightly

In the face of this increased enthusiasm, many people would like to achieve such a new balance in life and then resume sports activity. Of course, resuming sports remains a good decision to take care of yourself, but you still need to take some time to orient yourself towards a program adapted to our current physical condition. For example, activities such as running, walking classes, or bodybuilding with weights are not recommended for people with back pain. And although gyms generally require a medical certificate upon registration, it is rare for doctors to ask the patient in detail about the activities he would like to practice, and to be able to advise him well in his choices …

Sports provide many recognized benefits if practiced well. While recovering or during the first lessons of a new activity, it is best if they are well supervised. Personal accompaniment by a coach allows you to adopt good habits to design a program, evaluate changes, have the right attitude and understand how to work well in this or that exercise. This is where an athletic trainer steps in and allows you to correct yourself to achieve the best results.

The increasingly important place of supervised sport in health

Fortunately, sports are not just fashionable. Little by little, she even carves out a new niche for herself in the field of health. Regular physical activity is known for its many preventive benefits. For example, it improves muscle tone, the nervous or cardio-respiratory system, and even the immune system. It also reduces stress which is not always easy to manage in our society, etc. These recognized benefits can no longer be proven, and recently, the sport known as “healthy sport” has seen a new impetus. 1any March 2017, the sport by prescription was launched in France. This innovative ordinance allows treating physicians to prescribe a supervised return to sport for their patients who have a long-term condition such as diabetes, cancer or Parkinson’s disease. (read more : A beneficial development of the French health system is mainly directed towards medicines.

Although prescription sports are not yet covered by Social Security, mutual insurers and local authorities have taken up the task of facilitating this return to regular, supervised physical activity. Even pioneers involved in healthy sports have already reached out with offers to make it easier to resume exercise for their members. It seems even today that an insurance company makes support for the resumption of sports within the reach of all its members, even the healthy ones.

It is enough to imagine a promising future for the recognition and democratization of sports in health prevention to a wide audience.

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