Staying Persistent Training: The Story of the Two Frogs

once upon a time…

Two frogs fell into a bowl of cream. The two frogs couldn’t swim in the cream which was so thick they couldn’t get out because of the high edges of the bowl.

After a few minutes, they were exhausted from struggling to try to extricate themselves from this nasty situation. They were finding it increasingly difficult to get out to the surface and catch their breath. They were going to drown. Someone says:

“I have no more strength. We will not be able to get out of this. I will die. I do not understand why I will continue to struggle because anyway, we are doomed to die in this vessel.”

Having said that, she stopped struggling and disappeared, drenched in the thick white liquid.

Impossible, said the other frog to himself. There is no way out. However, even though death is near, I will fight to my last breath. I refuse to die like this without doing anything. »

I kept moving in the same place, without moving forward, for hours and hours. Then suddenly, thumping on her thighs and fidgeting and resisting, the cream turned into butter.

Surprised, the frog jumped and reached the edge of the bowl, skating on the ice. From there, she returned home moaning happily.


The worst is never certain: when everything leads us to believe that we are lost and that there is no longer any chance of getting out of it, try as much as possible to keep the door open, however small it may be. To believe in it at all costs until the end is to improve the chances of seeing the impossible happen.

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Writer : Martin worked– Consultant in professional and personal support at La Orange (84)
Proofreader: Amandine Berger
Item ordered Orient Action® Orange– Skills Assessment Center in Orange (84).

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