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Welcome Welcome! I’ve been wanting to get back to blogging on a regular basis this summer, I’m so busy with the project What then, My weekly newsletter and podcasts for non-linear life paths, But I also had a few things to share here.

What will we find this summer Wednesday? The initial ambition is to share 3 cultural recommendations that were made in the USA. So the United States is vast, and culture is more divided than ever. You’ve been warned, these are three cultural recommendations seen through my eyes, a French woman living in a big city on the East Coast. reminds you of something? Monday morningAnd The five things ? Well, we’re reusing the old recos section syntax, this time in a version summer 2023.

Starting :

Covering The Copperhead Demon, Barbara Kingsolver

1 – The Copperhead Demon Barbara Kingsolver.

I bought the book because how could I miss this amazing illustrated cover? I’ve never read anything by this prolific author I’ve been recommended so many times here, by you readers, but it’s hard to escape Demon Copperhead who just won Pulitzer 2023 In fiction. In short, it’s everywhere. This chunky 548-page novel tells the story of a young boy growing up in southern Appalachia. It is a story of poverty, a stolen childhood, and resourcefulness. Said like that, it sounds a little “take out the napkins” and yes, it’s tough, but it’s so talentedly written. We are the Devil of Copperhead, we want to support him, we encourage him, we would love to follow this story through the eyes of his child. In short, it simply is Well written. It’s not as tragic little life, but the romantic psyche of this book is similar. In short, wait there, it’s worth it.

2 – This article by Charlotte Atri is about successful vacations in France when you are an expat.

This is an old post from 2017, but I think it is still relevant for anyone living abroad who dreads or is looking forward to the summer holidays to return to France. Luckily for me, I actually donated this past summer, so I re-read this article without worrying about how it applies to my daily summer life. A must read, whether you live here or somewhere else!

3 – review season 1 of The bear before The imminent release of the second season

Carmy, a famous chef, takes over his brother’s sandwich shop, who has just committed suicide. In gray and cold Chicago, we follow Carmy busy in the kitchen surrounded by her team. It’s hectic and noisy. We get the impression that living is living Anthony Bourdain’s article on life in the kitchen published in 1999, Don’t fret before reading this.

And voilà, it’s all for this semaine, je vous retrouve vendredi at 8h30 for the prochain episode de What’s Next – the récit personnel de ma recherche d’une prochaine aventure professionnelle, on parlera image, reseaux sociaux et simplification du message (promis , amazing). Subscribe to a paid plan To get access to the previous editions, both in the written version and the audio version, and besides, next Tuesday, I’ll be curating the third edition of Live What Next – Send me a direct message on Instagram if you’d like to get involved!

🖊️ Do you have a culture recommendation to share?

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