Teams will let you share a link to a message in a group chat

Finding that important message in a Microsoft Teams group chat should be much easier thanks to an upcoming update. Providing video conferencing service The ability to share a link to a specific message in a group chatgiving users a much easier way to get the information they need.

In the Microsoft 365 roadmapThe company explains that this change will allow users to no longer have to sift through tons of text looking for the message they want, but rather “Allow newsgroup members to quickly navigate to the message and find information“.

The update is listed as “in development” for now, but users won’t have to wait long to try it out, since The launch start date is set for June 2023.

Once launched, it will be available to Microsoft Teams users worldwide, on Mac, desktop, Android and iOS.

Other updates expected

This update is the latest in a series of messaging and chat updates for Teams over the past few months. Microsoft recently announced that it’s working on an update that will allow Teams users to manage their multiple chats in a more streamlined and compact way, with a new chat density setting that allows users to condense their chat list and have more chats visible on screen.

Microsoft also recently announced an improved dashboard view that Microsoft says can help users quickly identify or find the content they’re looking for, putting an end to tedious Ctrl+F searches, and scrolling through lots of text. To find a specific discussion that occurred days or even weeks ago.

However, the platform also recently announced the ability for chat participants to mention all group members at once, which can certainly cause more problems than it solves.

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