[TEST] Elden Ring on PS5

I come back to the blog with a new test and not any test. We’ll talk together about a game that I think will leave its mark in its genre and not leave gamers indifferent! Let’s talk about Elden ring, naturally ! So, is the game really for everyone? Is this good?

Elden Ring is the latest from the studio FromSoftwareto which we owe fame Evil spiritsAnd bloodborne Or even Sekiro recently. Elden Ring is a third-person action RPG set in an open world with a fantasy atmosphere. If author Hidetaka Miyazaki is no surprise at the controls, we note nonetheless a collaboration on this opus with the great George RR Martin (which needs no introduction).

For starters, you should know that I am not at all a fan of this type of game. FromSoftware’s famous game “Souls” on such difficulty makes me give up pretty quickly. But here I was seduced by the promise, the atmosphere and the gameplay. These elements change quite a bit from what we’ve already seen from the studio.

The first thing to point out is the amazing open world. There is a feeling of complete freedom. The player can go anywhere he wants…at our own risk, but it allows visiting completely different areas. The first difficulty there will be for some. In fact, the map evolves according to our discoveries and there are no key points shown to help us in any way, bringing out the mystical side of this world.

However, we can be guided by a little bit of a trail of light. I find this concept very good because it prompts us to stay on our guard to avoid a nasty surprise or simply admire some really cool scenery.

Exactly, let’s talk about graphics. It’s pretty good, especially on PS5. The decorations are varied and provide a really nice sight to our eyes in certain areas, in combination with the epic music that works very well! We are in a completely fictional heroic atmosphere.

In terms of gameplay, well, it’s really just as we’d like it to be. Once we choose our class and customize our hero, we can explore the world and face all kinds of diverse creatures and infinite bosses! Sometimes you have to start over and over and have strong nerves but… that’s why we signed, right? 🙂

Another point of interest is the wide possibility of character customization: weapons, outfits, summons, magic … enough to diversify the pleasures and get really very cool things!

I liked I at least like
  • The title world and the Entre Terre world
  • Play
  • Musicians
  • Some fights
  • personalization
  • lack of “help”
  • difficulty
  • Difficulty again!


In the end, it is very difficult to give an opinion on this game because it is a mixture of many emotions and sensations that I like and that I don’t like very much. The universe is top, rich and the sense of adventure is present. There is an epic, great atmosphere, a story to follow, and really good gameplay. On the other hand, I felt abandoned and alone. There is no pointer, hint to help the character get a little better. But at the same time, I love this idea. The difficulty is also very great for me, but it is part of the identity of the game, so the title leaves no one indifferent, that’s for sure. It’s beautiful, rich, and intense…but really tough 🙂

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