[TEST] Razer kaira pro gaming headset for xbox

Today I have a chance to tell you about a gaming headset specially designed for XBOX fans RazerKAIRA PRO!

an offer

The headset that I present to you today, the RAZER KAIRA PRO is basically the exact same model as the PS5 version but it is for XBOX but also for PC.

Before going into my opinion in more detail, let’s quickly jump into the technical sheet:

  • Voice dialing : Jack 3.5, Bluetooth 5.0 Enhanced for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Wireless
  • Compatibility : Xbox (One, Series X/S)
  • frequency response : 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • listeners Razerâ„¢ TriForce 50mm titanium drivers
  • microphone : RAZER Supercardioid Microphone Technology
  • planks FlowKnit Memory Foam ear cushions

my impressions

The opening of the package is clean, the items are in order and well secured by the means of protection, and there is nothing unusual, however, in the unpacking of the helmet and accessories. Aesthetically, the RAZER headset is elegant and gives off a sturdy, high-quality design. Green color accents energize the helmet design, the green is exactly the same as on the Xbox Series X, and the customization takes its toll and really gives the impression of a helmet designed specifically for your XBOX.

Once on the head, the KAIRA PRO is very comfortable, its ergonomically shaped ear cushions do the job and provide comfort squarely. No need to adjust the helmet for a long time, it is very easy to adjust to find the perfect position, the mic attaches quickly and the buttons are very easily accessible. With the Xbox turned on and the headset on, the headset syncs automatically and very quickly with the console, and it’s a pleasure to be able to use it without modification and without effort after a simple action on the headset button. Using the buttons right away isn’t necessarily entirely intuitive but after an hour of use it’s no problem.

After reviewing the aesthetics and ergonomics of the headset, I suggest you move on to the sound quality. And there, after the first hour of use, I experienced crackling in the headphones, after moving them a bit on the head, I realized it was just a bad connection. However, aside from the technical issue, after several hours of use, the headphones do the job, both on the mic and on the sound of the earphones, nothing exceptional, however, the bass is “simply” serious and the same for the treble, It all lacks a bit of depth.

price : 149.99 euros
more information : Razer website

I liked I at least like

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