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Today I will tell you about my new adventure with drinks. ground floor. The company recently contacted me to test out their energy drinks. being (always) a Quite a regular consumer of this type of drinkOf course, I accepted! I was curious to see what the brand had to offer, but also if the tastes/flavors matched my expectations.

In this article, we will unpack the packaging received, discover the flavors offered and try to analyze the composition of the drinks.

Small disclaimer: I am neither a health professional nor a nutritionist, so the comparison will be made with other products on the market and with some personal knowledge. So, thank you for your indulgence and if you’d like to complement/contradict some of my comments, comments are open!

an offer

REZ is a line of energy drinks (Energy drink) which is distinguished from other drinks in this category thanks to the list of natural ingredients (Green tea, guarana, ginseng, etc.) and its low sugar content and the absence of synthetic stimulants. Thus, it wants to offer a healthier alternative, but above all to offer a product 100% Made in France!

Rez Energy Drink - REZ logo

Whether you’re an athlete, gamer, student, or simply looking for a magic potion to fight fatigue while increasing your alertness, you’ve come to the right place!

Me, spending many hours on my computer logging inalgorithm (being a developer) or at Wander the halls of HogwartsThe proposal from REZ is clearly what I’m looking for. This might be the drink I need!


From the very beginning, we can see that the brand has worked on all of its products right up to the shipping box. In fact, the package is stamped with the REZ logo and there is also various information for their social networks.

Come on, now is the time to unpack it all. In the box we find:

  • Starter pack contains:
    • XL insulated stainless steel shaker;
    • 4 sachets of 10 gm: 2 with guava and 2 with cherry.
  • jar “original” capacity 400 g;
  • non-slip shaker coaster;
  • REZ key;

In terms of making a drink, it’s rather simple: just mix up the recommended dose of powder (10 grams) in a volume of 300 to 500 ml of water and leave for 2 minutes. No more, no less !

If the bags already contain the right amount, for jars, the distributor will allow you to select what you need. For water, varying its volume will allow you to obtain a more or less concentrated drink according to your taste while being careful not to alter the desired effects of the product. In fact, the less water, the more fragrance is present.

Note that the shaker even allows you to shake up to 600ml (Existing graduations inside(But this time around, the brand advises going for two doses.)The maximum recommended dose per day). For me, a single dose diluted in 500ml of water sounds like the perfect combination!

Ground energy drink - a drink

Here the shaker is made of stainless steel and thus helps in keeping everything cool for a long time. The mixing ball allows the powder and water to be re-mixed regularly. Other advantages: steel, unlike plastic, does not absorb the aroma of drinks over time and is easy to wash! Finally… I don’t like hand washing dishes, I still regret the fact that you can’t put them in the dishwasher… 😅

Once your shaker is ready, all that’s left to do is start tasting! The drink is so light, you won’t feel the chemistry and cool side of Red Bull and/or Monster. To tell you the truth, I totally feel like tasting an oasis type drink/ice tea, but without the sugar: very fruity, not too thick and no aftertaste in the mouth!

I had the chance to test 3 different REZ drink flavors: guava, cherry, and “original.” I wasn’t a fan of all things cherry, so I left Jenny I tested this flavor and kept the other two. For the cherry, I found the taste to be very respectable and very close to that of a candy bar, but she would prefer it with more water to dilute the flavor as much as possible. As for the other two recipes, I really liked them, however, I had a huge crush on guava which is pure sausage!

Reese's Energy Drink - The Original Formula

All drink combinations are available in Brand websitebut also behind bags and jars.

But then, what do we find there? Here’s the formula for the “original” version: Unsurprisingly, carbohydrates (41.9 grams per 100 grams of powder), protein (28.9 grams) and salt (5.6 grams). As with our colleagues, we will also find the substance we know well: caffeine (1.5 grams), taurine, vitamin B6, etc.

Reese's Energy Drink - Back Pot

In terms of energizing effect, I’ve found REZ drinks to provide a moderate, yet fairly stable, energy boost. The fact that the drink is non-carbonated is a game-changer compared to traditional drinks: there is no exciting/aggressive side in the mouth from the first sip. REZ’s effects are more discreet: Where competing products give us a huge boost right away, this drink’s effect seems to work even more over time. With the ingredient list above, we realize that Rez has understood that it is the muscles to function and not the nerves. The proteins are there to fuel the muscles while the carbohydrates arrive gradually to provide long-term energy.

In terms of prices, it will take 39.95 euros for a tractor dedicated to setting up 40 vibrators. This leads to a unit cost of €1 for 500ml of the drink, which is enough to be very competitive with the products offered in our supermarkets (About €1.40 for a 250ml can).

Of course, thanks to this format, you also don’t have to fork out a ton of aluminum cans!


As you understand, I recommend REZ drinks to those who are looking for a more sustainable and healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks. Its pleasant taste and steady stimulant effect make it an attractive choice for the health conscious.

What I also appreciate about REZ drinks is their commitment to sustainability. The natural ingredients used to make these drinks are not only better for your body, but they are also environmentally friendly. And what’s more, she’s French!

I naturally thank ground floor to allow me to do this test. I can’t wait to see what the brand has in store for us in the future in terms of new products/flavors!

Products sent by free ground floor as part of the test

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