The 7 best event management apps

Do you want to improve the experience during your event? To ensure effective communication and maximum interaction, event apps come in very handy. If you can’t choose one, find in this article the top 7 solutions you absolutely need to know.

All event apps have a common goal: to engage attendees so they can have an unforgettable experience. With these tools in their hands, they will not be mere spectators, but real actors. This is a real added value to the experience they will have during your event. And that’s the whole point of choosing the best app for your event.

The application was inventedThe Invent App is an original event mobile app (for IOS and Android), also available as a 100% customizable, highly complete and 100% French web app. To allow maximum interaction, all modules and information are grouped together in the app and accessible to all participants, providing them with an interactive experience. The Invent application offers multiple functions, among others: agenda, instant notifications, speaker list, news feed, informational pages, real-time quiz and voting, chat and discussion groups, questions for speakers, etc.

Invent stands out from the rest by offering to publish blank (white label) apps that each customer can rebrand. The application presents itself as a solution for all types of event formats: physical, virtual and hybrid. It is ideal for seminars, product launches, business trips, conferences, etc. So go ahead and use the Invent app for your next event.

alumbaAloompa is an event project management application designed to create lasting relationships between event producers, participants, and sponsors. Its true origins are based on innovation. The app allows you to reward your customers and especially thanks to the ‘No Signal Required’ feature, you can use Aloompa even when you are offline. Suitable for all kinds of events, and can be customized according to the brand. Aloompa also provides real benefits:

  • It allows you to generate more care income
  • It enhances interaction with your customers while letting you know how they are behaving on the website
  • It allows you to benefit from more income, thanks to the ticketing and access control system.


Vmeets is an innovative virtual events app, specially studied for public meetings, training, product launches and conferences. Vmeets is aimed at professionals, individuals, families, education actors, companies, associations and clubs. Vmeets prioritizes immersion and interactions, introduces an automated platform and deploys state-of-the-art and specific technologies for various management phases such as preparation, ticketing, participant/exhibitor registration through to post-event reports. In order for each event to be unique, Vmeets offers additional services such as audio and video production, pre-event campaign, theme creation, team building, artist search, animation, etc.

By choosing this app, you can also benefit from expert help, questions and answers, live surveys and contests.


App from the US AppBurst, suitable for events such as trade fairs and conferences. Ensures that participants’ commitment is maintained throughout the event and even beyond. In the event of an unforeseen event at the last moment (speaker unavailability, etc.), the application is able to ensure that updates are propagated in real time at the content level. AppBurst also stands out for its ability to provide daily download reports and statistical data regarding all actions taken. The app also offers very practical modules such as a custom user calendar, creating bookmarks or even interactive maps of exhibitors’ floor plans. The app also gives you the advantage of Facebook share integration and Twitter integration.


Dedicated to creating professional virtual events, the Converia app helps organizers easily connect and interact with each other. This application offers customization options according to the theme of each event. By automating many processes in the enterprise, this solution makes it possible to manage complex and time-consuming tasks quickly and with greater confidence such as payments, ticket and badge generation, participant segmentation, etc.

In addition to accessing event content, each user can complete their own profile and schedule meetings. Converia also ensures efficiency in terms of monitoring your project progress and setting up schedules. Finally, it should be noted that the security of your data is guaranteed with this solution.


The Greencopper app is specially designed for music events and festivals in particular. Greencopper has been perfected over its 14 years of existence to become increasingly comprehensive and innovative. It integrates modern web and mobile technologies to provide unique and memorable experiences for users. This solution provides regulators with the ability to:

  • Easily share lots of information such as event details, festival location using interactive maps, program, access to accurate information on artists…
  • Manage content (create, edit, publish, etc.), update maps or script with ease.
  • Leverage real-time information to improve safety and manage crowds effectively.


EvenDex is a useful event management tool for managing registrations efficiently. With a commission of $0.75, they are known to be the best when it comes to ticket sales. It also ensures all procedures that allow the relationship between buyers, suppliers, exhibitors and visitors. This comprehensive event management system offers countless advantages:

  • Access to information for participants: session details, event calendar, biographies of different speakers, etc.
  • Comprehensive customization of the application
  • Opportunity to increase visibility and prominence via banner ads or sponsored notifications
  • Notifications of last minute changes
  • Maximum interaction thanks to the exchange of messages or discussions between the participants throughout the event

What are the important features of the event app?

The common point of all the above-mentioned apps is that they offer interesting features. But the question is which are the most important? Here is a non-exhaustive list of features that should be fully integrated into an event app:

  • Gamification tools to mobilize all participants and increase their commitment
  • Event program calendar
  • A way to provide polls, feedback, and/or surveys
  • Practical and detailed information about the sessions
  • Interactive plan or interactive maps for easy access to the event
  • A message service or after-sales service that allows participants to communicate in the event of problems
  • Q&A gives attendees the opportunity to ask keynote speakers questions.
  • Social media feed so attendees can easily access social media posts
  • Messaging or networking to give members the opportunity to interact with each other!
  • Pages for partners with a detailed description and direct access to their social networks
  • Online ticketing and payments service

More criteria can be considered to properly choose the application best suited to its user’s needs. It is then necessary to define goals in a coherent and unambiguous manner.

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