The history of salt water glass

once upon a time…

Grandma is tired of constantly hearing her grandson complain. One day I asked him to fetch some salt. When he returned from the supermarket, the grandmother asked her grandson to mix a tablespoon of salt in a glass of water and drink a glass of water.

“How does it taste?” she asked. “It’s dirty. His grandson answered, making a face. The grandmother laughed heartily and asked her grandson to pour the same amount of salt into the nearby lake. Now drink water from the lake. she asked. The grandson complied and drank a sip of pure water from the mountain lake. And his grandmother asked him again: “How does it taste?” “The water is cold and tastes like ice. He replied with a big smile. “Have you tasted salt? Her grandmother asked. “No. to reply.

The grandmother sat down next to her grandson and explained to him in a tone full of pity:

“The pain one goes through is represented by the salt. The amount of pain remains exactly the same. However, its degree depends on the ‘container’ you put your pain into. So when you feel pain, the only thing you can do is expand your perception of things. Stop being Glass Be a lake. »


There is no life without suffering or difficulties. Nobody survives. From there, what position should we adopt? Are they running to avoid them? They will come back twice as brutally. To suffer them so recklessly? Without resistance on our part, its intensity would increase a hundredfold. Instead of trying to get rid of painful feelings, let’s try to welcome and accept them and enter into a relationship with them in a way that allows them to transform. So the fear of painful or stressful situations ceases: on the contrary, they become an opportunity for self-reinforcement. This is what Boris Sirulnik calls “the art of navigating torrents”.

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Writer : Dr.. Emeric Liberton – Chief Executive Officer – Orientaction
Proofreader: Pauline Dubray
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