The inspiring story of balloons

once upon a time…

Two hundred people attended the seminar. Suddenly the announcer stopped talking and gave each person a ball. Then invite each participant to write their name on the ball using a funny big pencil. Then I collected all the balloons in an adjoining room. The announcer then asked each participant to enter the room one by one to find their ball (which had their first name written on it!) and all this in less than five minutes. All the participants rushed into the room and started looking for their ball. They rushed, crowded, and ran in all directions, in a cloud of dust and a deafening noise. When the allotted time expired, no one could find the ball.

Then the presenter says: “Now I suggest that each participant take a ball at random and show it to the person whose name was written on it. In a few minutes everyone has the ball back. Then the presenter says: “The exercise you just did is a reflection of what is happening in our life. Everyone is looking for happiness, not knowing where it is, instead happiness lies in the happiness of others. If you help the people you know find happiness, you will get happiness too. You have to think of other people’s interests as much as your own. And so we can create Harmony in relationships with the others.


What we can deplore in our society is not so much the individualism that characterizes it as the fact that we have forgotten how efficient solidarity and grouping are, useful and beneficial to the greatest number of persons. The story of balloons reminds us of this fact, however primitive it may be.

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Writer : Frederick Michel– Manager and consultant in professional and personal support in Toulon (83)
Proofreader: Julie Leloup
Item ordered Orient’Action® Toulon – Skills Assessment Center in Toulon (83).

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