The new automatic blog article writing tool thanks to artificial intelligence

In this article, we will introduce you to, a revolutionary online tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate high-quality blog posts.

You’ll learn how this tool works, its key features, and the benefits it offers to blog writers and managers. Finally, we will discuss how AI can help improve content writing for blogs.

Writing high-quality content is key to attracting and retaining readers to a blog. However, creating interesting and well-organized articles can be challenging and time-consuming. This is where it comes in A poetAn innovative tool that makes writing content much easier.

So what exactly does do and how can it help you improve your blog? This is what we will discover in this article. widget demo is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate blog posts. It allows users to create projects, which serve as categories for articles and make it easier to organize content. also offers integration with WordPress blogs, thanks to the plugin available in the WordPress plugin store. Thus, you can publish the AI-generated content directly on your blog.’s operation is simple and intuitive. The writing assistant guides the user through the process of creating an article, suggesting that they add a title, context, and language. The article title guides the bot while creating the content, while the context, if filled in, can also help the bot better understand the topic. Context can be especially important if the bot is not familiar enough with the subject matter.

Generate a poetic text tool features

Now let’s get into the details of the features has to offer. You will see how this tool can meet your content writing needs and help you improve your blog.

1. Project Creation: allows you to create projects to categorize your articles. This makes organizing and managing your content a lot easier.

2. Integration with WordPress: Thanks to a dedicated plugin, integrates seamlessly with WordPress blogs, allowing you to post AI-generated content directly.

3. Writing Assistant:’s writing assistant walks you through the process of creating an essay, suggesting you add a title, context, and language. This makes using the tool simple and intuitive.

4. Automated Content Creation: uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate high-quality blog posts, based on the title and context you provide.

poetic example

5. Add links: You can also ask the bot to add specific links over certain text links, in order to improve the credibility and relevance of your article.

6. Free Trial: offers its new users 3 free demo codes, ideal for testing the tool before deciding to adopt it.

7. Secure payment: Additional tokens can be purchased through Stripe, a secure micropayment platform.

How can artificial intelligence help writers?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has huge potential to make blogging easier and better. It saves time and energy by automatically creating high-quality articles, while also offering the ability to customize and adapt content to the specific needs of each blog. In addition, the use of AI in content writing can help improve the consistency and structure of articles, following SEO best practices and increasing their visibility on search engines.

In short, tools like, which use artificial intelligence to write content, offer many advantages to writers and bloggers. They save time, improve the quality and consistency of articles, and improve search engine returns.


In conclusion, is an innovative and promising tool that has the potential to transform content writing for blogging. With its many features and the use of artificial intelligence, it greatly facilitates the creation of high-quality articles and saves time and energy for writers and bloggers.

If you want to improve your blog and improve your content writing process, try The three free trial codes provided for new users will allow you to test the tool out and discover for yourself the benefits it has to offer.

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