The new Google Home app is finally available

Smart homes are supposed to make life easier, but they often become a jumble of odd apps, outdated controls and wayward devices. Google intends to address all of this, and new version of home application It can end most of your connected home problems. New hardware and features have been added to the app, and everything has been redesigned to make it more user friendly.

as you might expect, Theme Essential for most changes to the Home app, just like Google and many others hope to be at the center of connected home use once it takes off. The company has been trying for some time to bring its software in line with the connected home standard, and that seems to continue with the latest update. A number of features have been implemented that should make the connected home standard more attractive and easier to use. Controllers have been updated for more than 60 types of devices. The changes are not limited to Android users. Apple fans running iOS 16.5 can now control their Matter devices through the iOS version of the Google Home app.

Wait time expired: Some Google Home users can finally try out the new Google Home app. If you want to try out the new public version of the Google Home app, you can easily sign up within the app itself.

To get started, you need to request an invite in the Google Home app for Android and iOS, which requires a few steps, as I explain below. The process is also not instantaneous, as some people have had to wait a while to be accepted, so be prepared to wait.

  1. If you have access to previewFirst, go to the Settings menu on the Google homepage
  2. There you will see the Public Preview option in the General section
  3. You can then tap Request Invitation to try out the preview
  4. The Google Home app opens to the Request Invite button

New features on the home screen

Once you’re registered and ready to go, you’ll be able to use a whole host of new features, such as New “Favorites” pages. This new setting makes it easier to bookmark future devices, cameras, and automations, so you can quickly access them and watch live when you open the app.

At the same time, you can use the new Spaces feature to quickly check and control analog devices like lights, Wi-Fi devices, and cameras.

You can also activate new triggers for the actions of these connected devices. This means you can use the motion sensor to turn on your lights and TV when you enter a room, or trigger your robotic vacuum cleaner and security cameras when your door is locked.

Please keep in mind that this is a public preview release and you may encounter bugs. Google is asking users to report these issues and other comments through the “Send commentsfrom the app.

But if you’re not a fan of the new changes at all, don’t worry. For now, you can always downgrade to the current stable version of the app by uninviting in Settings.

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