The story of Buddha’s rejection

once upon a time…

The Great Buddha came to speak in a village and all the men, women and children gathered to listen to him. But soon a very violent man came, who was angered by Buddha. He started insulting Buddha, before leaving, red with anger. As he walked on the road that left the village, the man felt his anger subside and gradually a deep sense of shame came over him. How could he act like this in public?

He decided to retrace his steps and ask the Buddha for forgiveness. He was still talking and waited for his speech to end to come and prostrate at his feet and ask for forgiveness. Buddha, full of compassion, asked him to get up, showing him that there was nothing to be forgiven for. Surprised, the man reminded him of the insults he had made publicly. He could never forget the words he said in anger.

“What do you do if someone gives you something for no reason that you don’t use, or don’t want? Buddha asked. Well, I just don’t take it,” answered the man. “So what does the person who tried to give it to you do?” Buddha asked. The man replied: “ Well, she keeps her subject.” Perhaps that is why you suffer from the insults you uttered. As for me, don’t worry, I wasn’t overwhelmed by your insults. These violence which I offered, no one agreed to accept it. »

Trapped in his anger and guilt, the man in this tale has the weakness of believing that the world around him is subject to the same impulses and emotions as himself. Attentive more than reason to the outlook and judgment of others, he no longer knows who he is, and his life flows according to his mood. Facing him, the Buddha, the master of himself, shows his phlegm, unyielding. Between the two, we guess the depth of the chasm separating them.

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Writer : Tiffany Glaudio– Consultant in professional and personal support in Nîmes (30)
Proofreader: Pauline Dubray
Item ordered Orient’Action® Nem Skills Assessment Center in Nîmes (30).

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