Third beta (for developers) available, with any changes?

Update June 16, 2023: Beta 3 is now in developer beta, without clearly introducing any major new features. Same for watchOS 9.6 and tvOS 16.6.

iOS 16.6 and iPadOS 16.6 have been in beta since then May 19, 2023. In this article, discover all the new features these updates bring to your iPhone and iPad.

Note that all smartphones and tablets that support iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 will be able to install iOS 16.6 and iPadOS 16.6 as soon as they are available to everyone, possibly during the summer.

Until then, if you want to test iOS 16.6 or iPadOS 16.6 in beta, follow the procedure given at the end of the article.

What’s new in iOS and iPadOS 16.6?

It will first of all correct bugs and security flaws. Note, however, the following point:

  • Verify the connection key: This new iMessage and FaceTime functionality makes it possible to authenticate a messenger and thus reduce the risk of cyber-attacks via messaging, such as those that activists, political figures and governments may suffer. It requires human activation of the certificate on both the sender and the receiver side. In addition, Apple can alert each other if there is a breach in the ongoing conversation.

iOS 16.6 beta testing dates

  • May 19: The first developer beta has been released, with the changes explained below in the video

  • May 22: The first public beta has been released
  • May 31: Second developer beta with changes shown in the video below

  • June 1: The second public beta has been released
  • June 15: Third developer beta with changes shown in the video below

  • The final version for everyone: Maybe early summer

How to install iOS 16.6 in beta?

We do not recommend installing a developer beta (if you are not a developer). On the issue of the risk of data loss and the presence of sometimes very annoying bugs, it is best to wait for the final release of iOS 16.6 or at the maximum for a public beta test, always being careful to make a backup of the device, iCloud or computer.

And other updates?

Apple has also released tvOS 16.6, watchOS 9.6, and macOS Ventura 13.5 in Beta 3 at this point. For the first two OS mentioned, no major change should be noticed. For macOS Ventura, we recap what’s new in a dedicated article.

Notice to users who have installed the iOS 16.6 or iPadOS 16.6 beta, have you noticed any other changes? - the official app – the official app

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