This Runway AI will create videos from your words

Anyone who follows the news of generative AI should be aware that this new technology is rapidly ubiquitous. Last year, AI image generators took the world by storm, and towards the end of 2022, chat Capture the audience’s imagination. Now, just a few weeks into 2023, artificial intelligence is one step closer to converting text into video.

this week, Runway start announce Gen-2, a multimedia artificial intelligence system capable of creating video clips from other video clips, images, or even text.

In fact, before long, users will be able to write whatever they want in an instant message and get a fully-produced video of what they ever dreamed up in their imaginations.

However, like any new technology, it is not quite ready for Peak time. According to Kyle Barr, who gizmodoWhile Runway’s new video AI isn’t publicly available yet, there’s already another text-to-video service out there: ModelScope, which launched a few days ago. Its website is primarily in Chinese, with some sections in English. But the Examples of videos created By the AI ​​on the site is very impressive, albeit rudimentary.

The other actors rush in

Examples shown on the ModelScope website include:Giraffe under the microwave“,”a goldendoodle playing in a park by the lake“,”Panda driving a car “,” Teddy bear running around New York CityEach video is only a few seconds long, but clearly demonstrates the power of the new technology. It should be noted that each sample video has a Shutterstock watermark, most likely because the company used stock footage to train its AI.

However, ModelScope is not really easy to use. Besides the fact that the site is mostly in Chinese, it appears that users need to do some research (or be knowledgeable in the ins and outs of generative AI) to make it work.

The new ChatGPT or Bing is not yet done. But the mere presence of this technology on the Internet means that Converting text to video is coming much sooner than many of us think.

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