Top 10 Approval Management Software (CMP): Approvals Management Platform

Today, managing consent on the Internet is much more complex than setting up a simple cookie banner: it has become a legal obligation. This is a multi-stakeholder process, including the companies’ legal and marketing teams. Your consent management strategy should be in compliance with regulations, but also adapt to the user and needs of your site.

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In this article, we have selected 10 essential content management software (CMPs)Consent management platform). We’ll give you a detailed breakdown of what CMP is, why to use it, whether it’s mandatory to comply with GDPR and finally our advice for choosing the right consent management system.

Our pick of 10 Consent Management Platforms (CMP)

In France, there are many solutions for companies to manage cookies and comply with the standards imposed by the GDPR and CNIL in a simple and fun way. So we have compiled a file Top 10 consent management platforms to help you choose.

1. Didome

Didome It is the Consent Management Platform (CMP) that delivers Help you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It allows you to collect, store and synchronize users’ consent across different countries.

Didomei offers several features, including a preference center To manage multiple channel preferences as well as advanced web scanning technology to detect all provider activity and cookies and evaluate current privacy policy and approval banners.

2. Acceptio

acceptio It provides a simple and intuitive tool for managing various elements related to online consent, including managing contract documents and creating a privacy policy. The main function of the platform is Cookie managementwhich is divided into several widgets.

You can choose from different templates to customize your cookie acceptance scenario to make the approval process more enjoyable for your visitors and build trust.

3. User centric

Provide approval management for websites and applications, User centric It is a complete CMP that also comes with a Free website audit tool for approval management.

The company confirms the documentation so that your advertising revenue is auditable. User Center offers integrations with Google Tools, HubSpot, and Mailchimp.

4. Cookiebot

cookiepot It is a neat CMP that allows Consent management in its simplest form. Cookiebot automatically blocks all first and third party cookies until the user gives consent to the tracking.

Once configured, the tool monitors for new types of cookies and tracks your website. For publishers who don’t have the time, will, or expertise to consider consent management, Cookiebot offers a convenient solution.

5. OneTrust

OneTrust It is a content management software (CMP) that offers a wide range of services ranging from cookie banners to legal newsletters. It also provides a tool for maximizing the number of tracking sign-ups, thus providing a optimal approval rate.

Besides the basic functionality of CMP, this tool enables automated classification of cookies based on a database of 30 million pre-sorted cookies. It comes with pre-made templates, as well as language switching by location.

6. CookieHub

If you’re looking for a more cookie-centric CMP, CookieHub Displays, saves, and tracks all user cookie consent preferences.

The scope of customization is wide for the approval banner displayed to users in your domain. It allows Google Tag Manager integration and has a ready-to-use WordPress plugin for Manage collection of cookies from your blog content.

7. iubenda

iubenda Easy to use and setup. The platform offers solutions to help comply with the law in multiple countries, languages ​​and legislation, with remote and automatic updates managed by an international team of lawyers.

iubenda products include a privacy policy and cookie policy generator with Over 1,600 legal clauses includeda complete cookie and internal privacy management and consent solution.

8. Piwik pro

Piwik Pro CMP progress enriched with simple integrations with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. The platform is attentive to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and CNIL.

Piwik Pro offers a file Relatively powerful free version which retains consent data for 14 months and provides up to 500,000 opt-in actions per month.

If you want to get started with consent management, but don’t have a big budget right now, this might be the tool for you.

9. The Leaders Act

Leaders Act Offer with TrustCommander an integrated way to manage the running of your tags based on approval categories simply by matching your tags with your own categories.

Commanders Act simplifies the process of managing consent and compliance with regulations by offering a tag management tool with an integrated privacy module Compliant with the IAB Europe framework.

10- Quantum broadcasting

quantast It is a feature packed CMP that works in conjunction with a targeted marketing system Offers user behavior tracking.

CMP offers a free version for enterprise offerings, which can be an advantage for smaller publishers. The company also partners with select publishers to get feedback on their product and make useful updates.

What is a consent management platform (CMP)?

there Consent management platformCMP, or CMP, is a consent management platform that provides various tools for companies to receive, store, and manage users’ consent before their personal data is collected, shared, or sold.

CMP allows visitors to set their preferred cookie settings, understand what cookies are used for, and change their choice at any time.

There are many consent management system (CMP) solutions on the market that allow you to manage how consent is collected from Internet users.

What features should a good consent management platform have?

For a CMP (Consent Management Platform) to be effective, it must meet some basic criteria, which are as follows:

Facilitate and clarify the consent collection process

The CMP enables clear and concise cookie banner setting that makes it possible to collect user consent for advertising cookies, audience measurement, etc. She must Inform users of the personal data collected The purpose of processing.

Consent management

According to privacy regulations, individuals have the right to know what data companies collect about them and they have the right to object to the collection of personal data. To meet these requirements, a CMP must be Allow users to opt out of the collection of personal information and change their preferences at any time.

Compliance with IAB and GDPR requirements

The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) is an organization that develops industry standards and provides legal support to online advertising operators. It regulates how consent is collected, stored and updated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When choosing a consent management platform, make sure of this Meets IAB and GDPR requirements.

Why use the Consent Management Tool?

The consent management tool provides users with detailed information on how their online behavior is tracked. It also provides users with the option to grant, refuse, or modify their consent to the collection, use, or sale of their personal data.

Companies use CMP to ensure GDPR compliance, but also to create a transparent link with their users and thus Improving the brand image by ensuring data protection for users.

Is CMP mandatory to be GDPR compliant?

Although it is highly recommended for businesses, CMP is not mandatory to be GDPR compliant.. On the other hand, website publishers must obtain the consent of Internet users before using cookies or other tracking technologies mentioned in the Data Protection Act.

Publishers are not obligated to use a specific technical solution, be it a CMP solution, tag management, or an internally developed solution. The most important thing is to get the approval of netizens.

Our advice for choosing the right consent management platform

As a company with a website that collects personal data and user preferences, it is more important than ever to ensure compliance with applicable privacy regulations to avoid penalties for non-compliance that could unnecessarily strain your company’s finances.

With this in mind, you need to invest in a consent management platform that best suits your needs. Prefer a complete CMP that covers all your needs.

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