Training in Giving and Receiving Compliments: The Echo Story

once upon a time…

A mother and her youngest daughter were hiking in the mountains. Suddenly the girl slipped on a stone and fell. She cut herself and exclaimed: “Ah!!! »
To my great astonishment, I heard a voice in the mountains repeating: “Ai! He reigns! He reigns!” Curious, she asked me, “Who are you?” The voice in the mountain answered him: Who are you? »

Disturbed by this answer (this little girl had a strong personality and didn’t like people having fun repeating everything you said like a parrot), she exclaimed, “You’re just a coward!” And the voice in the mountain shouts: Coward, coward, coward! The little girl looked at her mother in disbelief: “Do you know what is happening to my mother?” »
The mother replied with a smile, “My darling, listen intently now.” “I think you are wonderful,” she cried out loud towards the mountain.

The voice on the mountain repeated three times: “I think you are wonderful.”
She exclaimed again: “You are the most beautiful and intelligent of the little girls.” And the voice repeated three times: “You are more beautiful and smarter than all the little girls.” ” I love you I adore you “. The voice repeated three times: “I love you, I adore you.”

The girl still didn’t understand what was going on, yet her mother’s words filled her heart with joy. Then his mother explained to him: “We call this phenomenon echo. In some places, when you speak, your voice echoes and returns to you as if it were multiplying. The same thing happens in life.”

Everything you do or say resonates. If you are happy It shares your happiness and joy, then your happiness and joy spreads and eventually returns to you. If you want more happiness in the world, start by filling your heart happiness And your joy will spread among all those you meet before returning to you like an echo.”


We are all mirrors of each other. But it’s one thing to be indignant, and quite another to act. Lamentation is sterile while to cultivate within oneself what one wishes for the world is to ensure that one will do everything in their power to cure it.

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Writer : Lucy Sheroux– Consultant in professional and personal support in Blois (41)
Proofreader: Pauline Dubray
Item ordered Orient Action® Blois Skills Assessment Center Blois (41).

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