[UNBOXING] God of War Ragnarok edition Jotnar

God Of War Ragnarök was officially launched on November 09 (see My full review) exclusively for PS4 / PS5. And, as you know, a big license often meshes with a big collector. Therefore, God Of War Ragnarök is no exception to the rule and comes with not one but two Collector’s Editions! All the details, especially the photos, are here 👇

Likes Horizon Forbidden West which offered a collector’s edition and a collector’s ++ compiler under the nameRegalla editionWell, here we also had the right to do so Collector’s edition For this new God of War, as wellJotnar edition With some extra items. Unfortunately for collectors, and like the Regalla Edition, the Jötnar Edition was too complex to pre-order due to extremely limited quantities…

But if I give you a nice article today, it’s because I’m one of the lucky ones that I’ve been able to get my hands on, and to be completely honest with you, this Jötnar edition is one of my most beautiful collector’s items in my possession!

But before moving on to the images, let’s list the contents of the latter:

  • Full game for PS4 and PS5 (download code)
  • Steelbook case
  • Replica Mjöllnir Hammer (40 cm)
  • Brock Dice Game
  • 2 figurines of the Fanny Twins, 5 cm tall
  • Lower Keeper mural
  • [Exclusif édition Jötnar] 18cm vinyl record (music by Bear McCreary)
  • [Exclusif édition Jötnar] Set of 3 Falcon, Bear Wolf Pins
  • [Exclusif édition Jötnar] Yggdrasil Canvas Map
  • [Exclusif édition Jötnar] Legendary Ring of Drupnir
  • [Exclusif édition Jötnar] In-game digital content (download code)

Very heavy as you can see, starting with the box that holds everything, of outstanding quality, opening on one side at the top to find the various contents, and on the other hand from the front we reveal the mural that is hidden behind it. This Collector: Thor Mjolnir’s Hammer!

And let’s talk about that good old Mjöllnir 🙂 I was a hammer view skeptic, afraid the offer was cheap. Well believe me, it is not. The props obviously didn’t go as far as setting a real stone, but the result is very realistic (and will save you a little tendinitis ^^) down to the smallest details like the gilding or leather on the handle. Hat up!

Off the hammer, the Jötnar Edition still has some nice surprises in store for us. Among my favorites are the 3-pin set (oversized!) or the translucent green vinyl in a 45rpm format.

If I had to give a downside to these Collector’s Editions of God Of War Ragnarök, it would certainly be the lack of a physical game to be exchanged for a download code. The reason is certainly due to the practical questions during this portal to the PS4 and PS5 generations but nonetheless it remains jarring when you are entitled to a solid book on the content side…

But these “small details” aside, I can only appreciate this wonderful Jötnar release, in keeping with the quality of the game and my expectations as a collector. But enough talk and then to the pictures. Enjoy!

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