[Vidéo] Discover The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is definitely the most anticipated game for all the game lovers Nintendo Switch, or simply more epic Zelda. Released 6 years after Breath of the Wild, this artwork plunges us right into the continuation of Link’s adventures, across the kingdom of Hyrule.

About me, I’m a huge fan of the Zelda license. However, I couldn’t tell you if I was really waiting for this game… Why? I’ll tell you about it a little later!

the story

The Kingdom Tears story takes place a few years after the events of Breath of the Wild. The kingdom of Hyrule is trying to rebuild itself after the damage caused by Ganon for 100 years.

Link and Zelda decide to explore the castle’s secret cellars, convinced that the source of the plague, which is making the inhabitants sick, is there. As they descend into the depths, they discover frescoes depicting the story of the kingdom’s founding.

Zelda's Tears Kingdom - Zelda and Link

Going deeper, they come face to face with a mummy imprisoned with a blue/green glowing arm. Unfortunately, the arm’s seal breaks, releasing the mummy who immediately attacks them with her shocks. Severely wounded in his right arm, Link lost most of his life, but most importantly, Legend’s sword broke.

Due to the force of the attack, the ground collapses and Zelda falls into a ravine holding a mysterious stone in her hands. Link tries to catch up with her, but fails to do so, as the still-falling princess suddenly disappears.

For the rest, you’ll have to figure it out!

Already a lot of preconceived notions

Before sharing my discovery with you on video, I have to tell you something important about me regarding the new saga The Legend of Zelda. If you follow me here, or at My different social networks-You are not aware of that I have some reservations about this new story

Obviously, what I blame the game for is its open world. So yeah, I know a lot of people say Nintendo revolutionized this approach, but for me, I don’t like what they’ve done with it! To tell the truth, what I don’t appreciate is that feeling of being completely left in a world where one can be strolled left and right for days, while the kingdom is supposed to live on somewhat awkwardly. It’s something that completely takes me out of the plot and its story.

Zelda Breath of the Wild - open world

Another point I don’t like: shrines. I’m a bit old, and to me, Zelda has always meant temples and dungeons. I loved the challenge of finishing the temple, and finding the hidden object (useful later) as well as his collection of keys before beating the final boss and moving on to our adventures. Up there with the sanctuaries, I don’t find that challenging at all anymore, especially when you don’t find a single enemy there in 99.99% of cases, and it’s just a matter of puzzles.

Good after all, I’m not going to talk about other weird ideas like weapon corrosion (Who breaks the sword in 5 strikes?), clothing for the climate or people, cooking, searching for Korogus, etc.

Of course, this is all completely personal to me and despite that, I wanted to test out this new opus. After you’ve finished Breath of the Wild, it would be a shame to miss out on the rest of the story.

video discovery

Well, you’ll understand, I’m leaving with a lot of negative preconceived notions of Kingdom Tears discovery. However, I still decided to embark on an adventure and let you see that through these two episodes.

Let’s go:

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