What are the least stressful jobs?

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Whether in the personal or professional sphere, stress is an obstacle to the development of any individual. Some jobs require more attention, a strong response, specific results to be achieved, multiple interactions… Conversely, others generate no pressure, or very little. Your level of stress can be a determining factor in your choice of mentoring or retraining. In this article, discover some of the least stressful jobs.

What are the least stressful jobs in the office?

working conditions Computer scientists very attractive. Computer scientist is one of the least stressful professions. A computer developer, also called a programmer analyst, designs or improves computer software. As a web developer, this profession is one of Information technology professions who recruit more. These two professions are also among best paid in 2022.

Among the least stressful professions that are practiced in the office, we find next the executives of administrative, accounting and financial services, and then the technicians of the same services.

Then come the executive secretaries and secretaries. Work is considered “low intensity” and job insecurity is low.

What are the least stressful personal service jobs?

Hairstylist, esthetician, and domestic worker are among the service professions with the least stress. Conflicts are rare and independence is important. Job security is strong. This is also the case for nannywhich then comes among the least stressful professions.

What other work environments are possible to work without stress?

Nature allows you to recharge your batteries. In addition, taking advantage of natural light has been shown to have positive effects on our mood and the proper functioning of our biological clock. So it is not surprising that the gardener’s job is one of the least stressful.

Working in a cool room with a floral scent is also very pleasant. Thus, the florist designs bouquets and floral arrangements. Other main tasks of this professional are the design of the shop and the sale of plants.

Another soothing environment is the library, or media library, particularly by the calmness that prevails there and the absence of productive goals. The librarian is involved in running the business and catering to the needs of the public. It also has the role of giving young people a taste for reading.

What’s quieter than a Luxury work environment ? You can therefore consider becoming a yoga or meditation teacher…

In the Paramedical sectorOrthopedists are among the least stressful professions. This is an eye examination and rehabilitation specialist. Practicing this profession requires obtaining Orthopedics certificateWhich is prepared in three years after the baccalaureate. Here too, the environment is particularly quiet. And the professional contributes to the general well-being. The total monthly salary of an orthopedist at the beginning of his career is 1,750 euros. He reached €2,200 at the end of his career. The income of a liberal orthoptist varies according to the size of his clients. Thus, an orthopedist can earn up to 3,000 euros.

The mission of an audiologist is to restore hearing to people with hearing loss. His tasks are above all technical and manual. Thus, conflict situations are rare. The average gross monthly salary is relatively high: 3,980 euros.

Within a public or private laboratory, study and research staff also benefit from generally low-stress working conditions.

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