What does the RNE, National Business Register change?

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Since January 2023, the Registry National Business (RNE) has listed all companies in France, regardless of their legal status. What is the use of RNE? How does ENR work? What are the consequences?

What is the use of RNE?

The Register of National Business, or RNE, requires 1any January 2023, the Register of Professions (RM), Register of Agricultural Assets (RAA) and Private Register of Sole Proprietors Limited Liability (RSEIRL) disappear.

This individual registry also includes companies that do not appear in any registry yet, eg Liberal companies. The purpose of the National Business Register is to avoid certain companies (those with commercial and craft activities, for example) from having to register in two different registers.

At the same time, this eliminates redundancy in unnecessary information. Indeed, throughout the life of the company, the manager must file any legal and administrative change in his company (status, change of address, increase in capital, etc.).

Therefore, the Regional Office for the Near East facilitates the registration of companies, improves the readability of their information and reduces the administrative costs of the state. This registry lists all companies or companies that operate in France.

However, the Register of Trade and Companies (RCS) and the Special Register of Commercial Agents (RSAC) still exist.

How does ENR work?

The INPI (National Institute for Intellectual Property) feeds and updates the RNE, based on data from the one stop shop.

As a reminder, this one-stop-shop, operated by the National Industrial Property Institute (INPI), designates an online platform. This interface accompanies companies from their inception until the cessation of activity. It replaces various CFEs (Commercial Process Centers), for all statutory data management tasks, since 1any April 2021.

the one stop It thus constitutes the only interface between companies and agencies receiving information previously collected by CFEs.

What are the consequences?

The transition period has ended. All actions related to the registration, amendment or suspension of the company’s activity (since 1any January 2023) online at the One Stop Shop.

The INPI also becomes the sole recipient for submitting annual accounts and updating the RBE (Register of Beneficial Owners).

Three bodies authorized to verify and monitor the validity of this data: clerks of commercial courts or courts of commercial companies, presidents of chambers of trades and trades, and agricultural social investment funds.

In practice, when Create a businessyou must submit one of the Cerfa forms, depending on the legal form chosen:

  • P0-PL for liberal professions;
  • M0 SAS for SELAFA and SELAS;
  • M0 SARL for SELARLs;
  • M0 Civil society for civil societies.

Despite the existence of this one-stop-shop, the organization’s descriptions remain the reference for declaring turnover and paying social security contributions to Sole proprietorship. The National Identification System and the National Directory of Companies and Their Establishments (SIRENE) are also maintained.

Publication date: 02/20/2023


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