What jobs are most in demand in France by graduates and non-graduates?

How will the world of work in France develop in the coming years? This is the answer CVapp Tries to bring with The personalized infographic for the most in-demand jobs by graduates and non-graduatesan analysis that highlights differences in the labor market and which sectors will see the largest number of job opportunities by 2030.

According to data from Ministry of LaborSeven million young people will start work each year and it is expected that there will be more opportunities in sectors that do not require a certain degree. These sectors include, for example, cleaners, housekeepers, drivers and skilled workers. However, less attractive jobs may cause more supply than demand and recruiters may have difficulty finding the ideal candidate.

Jobs that recruit in France

In addition, 760,000 hiring operations are planned annually until 2030, mainly to replace workers who will retire. in between The most demanded professions They include teachers, drivers, nurses, computer engineers and other technical professionals, while professions that are least in demand They are restaurants, arts, public administration and finance.

According to CVapp, a file can be accessed executive position In France it is now reserved for qualified persons, in contrast to what was done in the past, where no less than 41% of executives had a diploma. In general, prof University degree is a prerequisite For more satisfying job opportunities and a better salary, but it does not guarantee a profession or the possibility of practicing the profession in which the person studied. That is why, in the increasingly competitive world of work, it is moving towards professions in which there are more places, focusing on areas such as Care of the elderlythere technology And educationis a good starting point to ensure a A more satisfying career And the show The best odds For the future.

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