What should I have to visit New England in the fall?

At the beginning of the year when travel is ready I wanted to give a little update on this question I had in my account Instagram @mathildepit. What are the things I must see to visit New England? The question specified that the traveler would be there in October, and would come from Quebec.

there New BritainThese are six small states in the northeastern United States, sandwiched between New York and Quebec: Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Visiting the area in October means getting a chance to take advantage of the ‘foliage’, the fall foliage, which can be a very touristy season as the beauty of the roads along the forests is quite remarkable. And then in October it is also possible to see towns and villages decorated for Halloween. I really like this time of year, when the temperatures are still relatively mild. There is a chance of rain, even if it snows exceptionally well, but even so, it’s best to come to Boston and the region.

So far… What are my must-haves?

Here are 4 things I have to see in New England specifically in October, from Quebec:

Stop in a small village in Vermont

When we go to Quebec, we often stop at Worthy Burger, in South Royalton, Vermont. It’s pretty much in the middle of the road, and anyway, it’s on the road, you barely leave the highway to get to this typical little village, with its square, its whitewashed church, its little houses and of course, this beer and burger stop at Worthy’s Burger (literally “the burger that’s worth it”)

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A wild ride in the White Mountains

This season, New Hampshire’s scenic drives can be amazing. We cross the Kancamagus Highway, stopping at Mt Washington Resort, at the foot of the White Mountains summit (Mount Washington is often in the clouds but you can try your luck and hope to see it).

For more motivation, you can try going up a mountain, eg Mont Lafayette (read my article on it)It is necessary to plan a half day or even a whole day, which is a sports outing.

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2-3 days in Boston

New England’s capital alone is worth a two- or three-day stopover. To find out, take My e-book about the city. History buffs, you need Freedom Trail Guide (Making American history accessible to all through Boston’s Magnificent Buildings.)

The area not to be missed in October Beacon Hill Of course, and her well-decorated homes. Halloween decorations are often not put up a few days before the party, but there are pumpkins on the steps of homes all month long.

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Cape Cod is out of season

Cape Cod in October is the guarantee of enjoying great ocean air, without the summer crowds. For this area, I recommend My little guide to Cape Cod Who will guide you on the most “sexiest” peninsula of the United States.

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These must-sees are really just the core of the area. There is so much to see, to discover, depending on your interests, whether you like hiking or museums, whether you are traveling with family, alone or in couples. I hope this gives you a head start on shaping your ideal road trip in this wonderful region.

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