What skills will be sought?

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With the development of new technologies, the transportation sector will witness a revolution in the coming decades. What will be the transportation tomorrow? What skills will be sought?

What will be the transfer of the future?

Future Transfer is designed to meet various core issues.

Environmentally friendly mobility for the transportation of the future

In order to achieve the goals set by the law on active transition For green growth, green mobility evolves.

The construction of electric aircraft is the preferred option to reduce the impact of air traffic on the environment. Airbus’ project for a 100% light electric aircraft, the electronic propeller, is currently on hold. On the other hand, the company is working on a hydrogen-based hybrid model, the Zero (200-passenger). The first flights are planned only for 2035.

NASA has developed SkyTran, an aerial tram that operates on the principle of magnetic levitation. This system makes it possible to create lines without destroying the city, passing over the traffic. The use of electric motors reduces environmental impact.

Independent trips

In the future, autopilot will no longer be reserved for airplanes. Thanks to artificial intelligencethe autonomous car (that is, without a driver) should appear in the near future on our territory.

the great builders (Traditional car manufacturers, as well as Mercedes and Tesla) are already investing in the development of this type of vehicle. It will be equipped with digital sensors (cameras, radars, sonar, etc.) and able to drive on the road without driver intervention.

By modeling its environment, the car identifies the elements that make it up (floor markings, signs, pedestrians, etc.). Thus, he respects traffic rules and avoids obstacles. The goal is to improve road safety and improve traffic flow through vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

At the same time, it established Airbus Drone A taxi plane called a Vahana. From 2030, RATP should launch a near commercial service.

German company Volocopter develops, tests and manufactures electric propulsion flight devices. The drone of the same name received European certification in 2021, which allows it to fly inside a restricted area. Thus, commercial flights are planned during the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

The Chinese company Ehang is developing its Ehang226AAV flying vehicle. Flight trials are taking place in Asia, but also in Austria, Norway, the United States and Canada.

Faster transfer

Another goal of moving ahead is to move faster.

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, created Hyperloop. It is the name of a transport capsule that is propelled at supersonic speed (up to 1000 km / h) in a vacuum tube.

This project does not seem suitable for a mountainous country like France. On the other hand, the (very desert) Gulf countries are interested in it.

What skills will be sought?

The arrival of autonomous vehicles will increase the employment of electronics and artificial intelligence professionals.

Future transfer also includes many skills in computer scienceincluding proficiency in certain software… In addition, companies will need software designers and database analysts…

It will also become some indispensable attributes. So, knowing Work in a group It will be an essential skill. In fact, innovation is always the result of mobilizing collective skills.

Technological changes are rapid. Thus the willingness to learn and the ability to adapt will be other key components.

Publication date: 07/10/2022

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