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Between Boston and Martinique, where I will spend the end of 2022

Since 2020, you’ll notice: I’ve been relatively absent from the blog, yet I still exist in the wonderful world of the internet. So where can you find me in 2023:

  • To discuss work and to have an intimate story, each week about the next step, That’s what I’m talking about in it My paid newsletter titled What then. I wanted to create content with a ‘story’, not just separate articles, with no topic other than ‘My Life Abroad’. The What Next project takes you Behind the scenes of my search for a new professional adventure. It’s a paid newsletter, which I send out every Friday morning at 8:30 am Paris time. I put myself in it a lot, it’s my writing lab, and I really love reading participant testimonials on the general topic of jobs, life choices, and professional retraining. If these topics concern you, we meet there to discuss them! For the record, it’s here. And every two weeks, I post a Podcast, free, available to all, where I interview a guest who tells me about his career path. I invite you to listen This “bonus” was posted just before Christmas Which explains in 10 minutes the intention behind this podcast.
  • Don’t miss anythingday meeting instagram Which remains essential, if you haven’t already followed me, I see you there. After years of traveling a lot, I’m moving on. There will always be a little bit of Boston, because that’s where I live, but I want it to be more representative of what I do, what I like, the people who inspire me, and what I’m living now (which is always a “work in progress”).
  • For travel to Boston and the United States, Here on the blog: If you want to read and prepare for your trip to the US, do so on the blog. It remains booked for all things Boston, New England, and flights to the US. I will try to publish a new article monthly on travel topics only. That’s it, you wrote it! This is my challenge! Your thoughts are welcome in the comments, even if I already have a small list of articles I want to write…
    All articles published in the past 10 years remain online, and the most popular articles will be updated. It is a shadow work…
    If you use the blog to build your excursions, remember to click on the links to activities and hotels shown, it doesn’t cost you more, and I earn a commission every time. This is how the blog makes income, by selling my e-books. If you’re thinking of taking trips to Boston, consider blogging!
    I also try to be available on hold…except when I’m asked to set up 15 days of travel with layovers for the whole family. I leave this job to travel agencies.

You will understand it, 2023 is ticked off explorationbut also pleasure Fun to write and share.

Have a great start to 2023 and see you online! see you soon!

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