Why are more and more men adopting it?

It has long been considered a practice reserved for women, but now permanent hair removal is gaining ground among men. Be it for aesthetic, convenience or hygiene reasons, more and more men are choosing this solution to remove unwanted hair permanently. In this article, we will explore why more and more men are embracing permanent hair removal.

What are the methods of hair removal other than permanent hair removal?


The razor is one of the most used methods by men due to its simplicity. Despite the simplicity and low cost of the method, we must not forget that small cuts are frequent and often cause itching because they irritate the affected area. Plus, it’s not very durable because it’s shaving, not removing hair from the root, which causes the hair to harden. In general, we advise you to be very careful in removing pubic hair and avoiding areas such as the hands or arms, in order to avoid the excessive hardening of hair in these areas more noticeable.


This technique is less aggressive on the skin, but it does require the hair to be at least half a centimeter wide in order to be effective. When the hair is plucked out from the roots, the results are maintained for approximately 3 to 4 weeks; However, since it is a more painful method, few men resort to it. With waxing, you’d better be dexterous to avoid skin irritation. Waxing may be more painful and difficult in certain areas (the back or the back of the legs); So you will need someone to help you.

Hair removal cream

Like a razor, a depilatory cream is painless, but it does not remove hair at the root, so hair removal with this method takes about two or three days. The unpleasant smell of this type of product is generally one of the most negative aspects noticed by consumers, both men and women. It is advisable to avoid using this technique on the hands and arms and, above all, on the male genital area, which is particularly contraindicated because of the risk of irritation, since it is a particularly sensitive area.

Why bother with permanent hair removal?

More and more men are interested in permanent hair removal in institutes. They abandon traditional hair removal methods and go to specialized hair removal centers, such as Debel & Young in Nice. Permanent hair removal, whether it is laser or pulsed light, destroys the hair follicle, which prevents hair from growing back and allows you to forget about permanent hair and different types of hair removal. Another advantage of permanent hair removal is that it can be performed on any part of the body, even on the genital area, or on the face (more and more men are using this technique to reduce the density of their beard). The latest generation of pulsed light is now a virtually painless technology that rejuvenates the skin, which is a huge step forward compared to other hair removal systems, especially waxing. The disadvantage of this type of hair removal is generally related to economic reasons, since this technique initially involves spending a larger amount than in the case of other hair removal methods. However, since it is a method that reduces hair until it is completely gone, only a limited number of sessions are required, which reduces cost in the long run.

As you understand, if your hair embarrasses you on a daily basis, feel free to take care of permanent hair removal using pulsed light, for example. Make an appointment at the institute for your first free assessment.

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