Why buying a cheap smartphone is not necessarily more economical (3 reasons)

The material is more fragile

Gone are the days of breaking plastic smartphones. Affordable smartphones have improved a lot in their design in a few years, but you also have more expensive models.

beyond design, The choice of material has its importance above all on rigidity Hence the life of the smartphone. The IP68 certified model withstands water, dust and extreme conditions. The glass is also stronger, it gets better with age.

The screens of the top models are protected by more durable glass. Lots of advantages Extend the life of the premium model Compared to a more expensive smartphone.

His performance quickly got it right

Cheaper smartphones have older or less advanced components and are therefore less efficient. Uses are evolving very quickly, so they quickly become obsolete.

Some models are already experiencing delays when they are released, which already limits certain uses. Sure, they fulfill most needs on the day of their release, but they leave some doubts about our future needs.

Therefore, choosing a smartphone is cheap Take the risk of changing it in the next two years to meet your new needs. The most premium models can provide a good level of performance for 5 to 6 years.

Tracking updates is of lower quality

outside from iPhone SE Or the Pixel Xa, cheaper smartphones often have shorter update tracking. It takes 2 years of major updates and 3 years of security updates, at best. On the other hand, premium models have a following that can Up to 5 to 6 years on Apple and up to 4 years on Android.

Keeping track of updates is as important as good hardware. It helps protect your smartphone from the latest viruses, malware and other bad software that can slow down your phone. By the way, your personal data is safer in a modern smartphone.

The camera is quickly outdated

camera among The first selection criteria when buying a smartphone. Again, if accessible models have improved a lot in recent years, they remain far from market references.

Apart from Google’s Pixel Xa (which offers a photography experience worth the best for 500 euros), Premium models are smarter in photos. If the difference wasn’t necessarily obvious when they were released, but cheaper smartphone cameras are becoming obsolete more quickly. You will also need to change your smartphone more quickly and thus return to checkout.

Used or refurbished smartphones: a good alternative

We are well aware that not everyone can afford to spend 800 to more than 1000 euros on a smartphone. If it is too hard or too long to save money to make the financial effort to buy a first-rate model, Used or refurbished smartphones It could be a good alternative.

After a year, the premium Android smartphone is already losing a lot of its value. So it can be found at a very reasonable price without tarnishing. because The premium smartphone is 4 years old.

As you understand, buying a cheap smartphone may seem very interesting at that time. But when considering the long term, it is better to turn to more premium models, which are more expensive to buy but which you will renew more often.

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