Xbox boss admits defeat to Playstation and wants to create ‘his own way’

X-Box in panade. While a very mediocre Redfall was released this week, which led to a flood of bad reviews, the head of the gaming branch at Microsoft wanted to reply. In an interview with River Kinda Funny Xcast, Phil Spencer assumed errors regarding the new game from Bethesda. “There is nothing harder for me than to disappoint the Xbox community. I’ve been a part of it for a long timehe said first. “I’m angry at myself. We will review our operations.

The boss of Xbox recognizes his defeat by Playstation, and wants to make his own

The Fifty returned to the various promises of the Xbox in the game, in particular over the title’s frame rate which was to be 60 frames per second. “I think we’re going back to the 60fps ad and the fact that we don’t export the game at 60fps (…) The reviewer’s response was not what we wanted, which is disappointing. What can we learn, and how can we improve?

“creative vision”

And to address the “creative vision” of its teams: “There are definitely things we can do in execution, but if there’s one thing I won’t do, it’s a strain on our team’s creative ideas. I know a lot of people will say “Hey, you have people who know how to make these kinds of games so force them to make them”, but I don’t believe in that.

He also said: “When Rare wanted to do Sea of ​​Thieves, when Obsidian wanted to do Grounded, when Tango wanted to do Hi-Fi Rush when everyone probably thought they were doing something wrong… I want to give teams a creative platform to fulfill their creative desires. But I need Also to a great show of games capable of keeping our fans happy and we didn’t live up to that expectation, I apologize

Xbox at half mast vs. PS5

Then Phil Spencer returns to the next Starfield, where he is introduced as Skyrim in space. “There is no world where the quality of Starfield will make gamers want to sell their PS5 and buy an Xbox.“, He said. “Some think green (the color of Xbox, editor’s note) should be better than blue (the color of Playstation, editor’s note) and offer an improved version of what they do. I’d just like to say that there would be no Xbox victory if we followed in another company’s footsteps. We have to make our own way“.

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