You can repair auto parts yourself

Not everyone is a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to auto mechanics, but if I told you that you could fix some items yourself, as well as save a ton of money on repairs, would you believe me?

Well, it’s time to believe that you can make changes or fixes on your own, including the 7 items that we explain to you in this article.

Do these repairs on your car yourself

Mechanics are the foundation of any vehicle, because it consists of each of the elements that allow the vehicle to function.

It’s true that a car is a great investment, with many expenses that need to be met, including repairs in garages. What many users do not know is that they can perform some repairs on their cars themselves, without having to spend large amounts of money on these repairs.

Here is a list of items you can fix yourself, along with a series of maintenance tips:

Replacing wiper blades

This item does not require special maintenance, as the wiper blades are replaced as soon as signs of wear appear further. They are usually replaced every 1-2 years and are very cheap.

Also, it can take 5-10 minutes to replace the wiper blades. He should Changing the wiper blades your car at any time:

  • “scratched” glass : means the wiper blades are cut or grooved.
  • the Wiper blades make noise When running: This is usually caused by worn rubber, which means the wiper blades need to be replaced.
  • there The glass is not cleared properly If the wipers are not wiped properly when the wipers are in operation, this could be due to:
    • Uneven rubber wear
    • Brush holder malfunction.
  • you feel Wounds or deformities when you touch them with your hands.

Keep in mind that during the rainy season, this item shows greater corrosion symptoms.

Replace wiper blade

Replace the oil filter

An essential component of any vehicle, the oil filter is responsible for protecting the lubrication circuit from impurities, thus extending the life of our vehicle’s engine.

Replacing this element is quite simple and we can do it ourselves, provided that you have a minimum of mechanical knowledge. Likewise, it is worth noting their very low cost so that it is recommended to replace them when necessary.

In any case, it is recommended to replace the oil filter at the same time as the car’s oil change, because if its life is prolonged, it can damage the car’s engine.

Change headlights and lamps

Each user must ensure that his vehicle is properly lit, as the lighting system allows you to see the road and be seen on the road.

Lamp malfunctions are a common occurrence, as voltage spikes can cause lamps to blow out.

In general, the service life of this item is about 5 years, except for LED lights, whose service life is generally the same as that of a vehicle.

Do you want to keep your car’s lighting system in perfect condition? So change the bulbs as necessary. The cost ranges from 30 to 100 euros on sites like Spare parts 24.

Car headlight bulb replacement

Air filter replacement

the car air filter It is one of the cheapest components to replace, but also one of the essential parts for correct operation, since the correct operation of the engine largely depends on it.

In the event of a defect in this element, fuel consumption increases and engine power decreases. That is why it must be replaced every 10,000-15,000 km.

Replace the brake pads

Brake pads are responsible for providing the necessary friction to the brake discs so that our vehicle can stop by pressing the pedal. Therefore, they are essential to ensure regular and effective braking.

You can observe the condition of the brake pads as follows:

  • visually After removing the tires, make sure that the thickness of the brake pads does not exceed 2 mm, otherwise they must be replaced.
  • with light indicator : When the vehicle detects that the brake pads are in poor condition, a warning light illuminates on the vehicle’s instrument panel.

Given the above, it should be noted that the cost of replacing this element is 30 euros, and the maximum time required for this operation is 30 minutes.

Repair yourself brake pads

Replace spark plugs

Replacing spark plugs in a car is one of the easiest changes to make. As a general rule, the condition of spark plugs should be checked every 50,000 km, to ensure they are in good working order and replaced if necessary.

In the event that the spark plugs are faulty in the car, this is manifested by increased fuel consumption, idle instability, jerking at startup and many other consequences.

In general, spark plugs must be replaced at intervals specified in the vehicle manual, ie 60,000 km (petrol) and 120,000 km (diesel).


Battery replacement

The battery is responsible for storing electrical energy through a chemical process and is usually located in the engine block of our cars.

When the car battery is not in good condition or has a malfunction, it must be replaced.

Change the car battery yourself

Other things you can control or set yourself

Below are the additional items that you can also exchange for yourself Used parts Or new, without having to go to the garage:

  • Tires : to decide whether or not to change the tires of the car, it will be necessary to check the depth of the tires; You can do this with wear indicators, with a specific scale or with a coin.
  • cabin air filter : Visually check that the cabin air filter is not greasy and functional. Its replacement costs a maximum of 35 euros and takes about 20 minutes.
  • thermostat : This is a component of the refrigeration circuit responsible for regulating the temperature of the refrigeration circuit. It costs 40 euros to change it and may be due to the following defects:
    • the engine Works at high temperatures
    • fireplace Hot air is not expelled
    • Mosque Coolant comes out of the engine
    • Excess fuel consumption
  • EGR valve : When the valve is defective, the following signs appear: poor starting, vibration, high fuel consumption, mechanical seizure, engine choking, excessive smoke and lack of power.

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